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Consumer Credit Card Information Stolen from Dickey's BBQ

Contact MoginRubin if you were affected by the Dickey's BBQ data breach.

News of a data breach at Dickey’s Barbeque broke in October 2020, revealing that the payment card information of three million customers’ had been stolen and was being sold on the digital black market.

MoginRubin filed a class action complaint in federal court on behalf of consumers on Nov. 9, 2020, saying the popular restaurant chain failed to maintain reasonable controls and systems to protect the personal identifying information they collect from customers. Dickey’s only learned of the hack from third-parties 16 months after the hack began. The breach reportedly involved credit cards used at approximately 100 restaurants across the country starting as early as May 2019 and as late as September 2020. Dickey’s is investigating along with the FBI and others.

If you are a Dickey’s Barbecue customer and believe your personal information may have been compromised, please contact us immediately at: (619) 687-6611 or

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